At The Grrid, we love to travel, and it's important to us to make the most of our travel experiences.

Unfortunately, travel planning has become a stressful and time-consuming chore. Not only is the amount of travel information online overwhelming, but polarized reviews written by strangers often make it difficult to know who to trust.

We want to cut the time and stress out of travel planning by providing you with access to travel recommendations from trusted and like-minded people that you know. Connect with your network on The Grrid, and have one, on-demand resource for personalized travel tips to help you plan your best possible trips.

You can seamlessly convert your research on the platform into a digital itinerary, providing one location to store all of your travel plans. While you’re traveling, you can add reviews, comments and photos to your digital itinerary in seconds, turning your experiences back into valuable travel information for your network!

We believe that you should be rewarded for your contributions to The Grrid community, which is why we regularly award prizes to members of the platform. Sign-up to learn more about our Travatar rewards system.

The Grrid is a seamless, stress-free, re-imagined way to plan for travel and create travel reviews. The world awaits, and The Grrid will get you there!

We'll see you on The Grrid!